When I was younger I would read cookbooks and always be mesmerized by the amazing photos. Part of the fun of cooking for me was always deciding of what I was going to make, it’s my hope that my cookbooks will do the same for you. Whether you are an experienced cook or a novice, these cookbooks will take you on an amazing cooking journey.

Live To Eat: Meals Everyone Can Make

Making good, fresh meals or snacks takes no time at all and is very easy, but most importantly it is very enjoyable! In this book you will find fast and healthy entrees, main meals and desserts that you can prepare in 30 to 60 minutes. Combined with my nutritious ‘hero’ ingredients you will be creating marvellous meals that can be prepared and enjoyed at anytime, on any day of the week.

“I am one of those people who enjoys cooking, but have absolutely no ambition in becoming a professional cook. I love simple , easy recipes. Ones I can clearly understand and can have fun making. The purpose of a cook book is to explore and try new recipes, not to confuse you… Live to Eat is exactly the kind of cook book I enjoy. It’s simple and straight to the point . It gets down to the nitty gritty making the world’s most complicated recipe easy and a breeze to make. With refreshing recipes , this cook book would make a wonderful gift” Ashley via Amazon

“True to it’s claim, the Prawn Linguine was quick, easy, and very tasty. Both my husband and I love seafood, so it’s not a surprise that the first recipe I would try would include prawns (or in Northeast Texas – plain old shrimp). I even embellished Adam’s recipe and added a little grated Parmesan cheese to the top when serving. Yum, is a good description” Lyn via Amazon


  1. Chicken Thai curry
  2. Sweet chili hamburgers
  3. Katsudon
  4. Chili con carne
  5. Beer braised chicken wings
  6. Butter chicken
  7. Mussels in verjuice cream
  8. Potatoes in verjuice
  9. Piri Piri Chicken
  10. Crab & clam chowder
  11. Bircher muesli
  12. Roasted chicken & pancetta salad with Manuka honey & mustard dressing
  13. Glazed gammon cooked in cola
  14. Grilled mackerel
  15. Simple tomato salad
  16. Prawn linguine
  17. Extra virgin olive oil with balsamic & dukkah
  18. Dark chocolate cream liqueur
  19. No churn dark chocolate ice cream
  20. Dark chocolate pudding


Bircher Muesli
Roasted chicken & pancetta salad with Manuka honey & mustard dressing
Butter Chicken
Butter Chicken

Verjuice in the kitchen

Verjuice is one of those special secrets of cooking. Having grown up in Adelaide, Australia I was blessed with regular visits to the Barossa Valley vineyards and first discovered verjuice for sale at one of the many winery cellar doors. Since then I have worked on incorporating it into my cooking as much as possible. I use verjuice in many different ways and have found that it works just as well in sweet desserts as in savoury foods.

“Adam Pittaway has created a brilliant set of recipes here! They’re easy to make, fun and delicious. This is a great one for cooks (and budding cooks) to try something a little unique” Samie via Amazon

“It’s no secret that I’m a novice in the kitchen. Thankfully this small collection of recipes is not rocket science, the food is wonderful and beautiful and actually achievable. The hardest ingredient to find is what the book is named after, the verjuice. After some searching I was able to find it in a health food store and I’ll be damned if its not amazing. I’m having fun trying to incorporate it into the few dishes I’m comfortable making. I also tried a few recipes included in this book, the pumpkin soup (it’s the right season!) and the potatoes. I loved how the verjuice complemented the potatoes and will most definitely be making it for thanksgiving” Madam Librarian via Amazon


  1. Garlic and Chilli Prawns in Verjuice butter
  2. Pumpkin Soup
  3. Crab & clam chowder
  4. Oysters Verjuice
  5. Melon and Prosciutto salad
  6. Potatoes in Verjuice
  7. Mussels in Verjuice cream
  8. Poached Salmon Fillet
  9. Piri Piri Chicken
  10. Roasted Pork belly with apples
  11. Chicken Scaloppini with Verjuice and capers
  12. Scallops in dill and butter sauce
  13. Roast duck leg salad
  14. Herb & Verjuice Roast Chicken
  15. Prawn linguine
  16. Baked orange & Verjuice custard
  17. Strawberry and Verjuice jelly
  18. Pears Poached in Verjuice
  19. Spiced Rice Pudding
  20. Verjuice fruit compote


Melon and Prosciutto salad
Spiced Rice Pudding
Garlic and Chilli Prawns in Verjuice butter

Pots, Pickles & Bubbles

Ever since I started cooking, I have always been fascinated by fermenting, pickling and preserving foods. My first memories with these foods involved pickling vegetables in jars, baking bread, brewing beer and making wine or cider as a young boy with my father. I was always intrigued by how the beer would gain bubbles, the bread would magically double in size and they would both always transform into something different and tasty.


  1. Swedish Pickled Herring
  2. Pickled Baby Octopus
  3. French Pickled Cherry Tomatoes
  4. Corned/Salt Beef
  5. Red Pickled Onions
  6. Kimchi
  7. Crispy Chicken Drumstick
  8. Old Fashioned Ginger Beer
  9. Dill Pickles in White Wine
  10. Vinegar
  11. Gourmet Pickled Eggs
  12. Crispy Crust Beer Bread
  13. Preserved Lemons
  14. Homestyle Tomato Chutney
  15. Verjuice Fruit Compote
  16. Potted Ham Hock
  17. Chicken and Mushroom Pâté
  18. Traditional British Potted Shrimp
  19. Caramelised Onion Relish
  20. Marinated Olives
  21. Hot Chilli Oil