Grilled Mackerel
With distinctive fresh olive oil and red onion salad
Potatoes in Verjuice
At home with any roast dinner or steak
Dark Chocolate Cream Liqueur
With a hint of warming whisky
Verjuice Spritzer
Thirst quenching, delicious and suitable for everyone!

Cooking means something different to everyone. What I love about cooking is that the combinations of flavours, textures and ingredients make it exciting and fun. I find that cookbooks help increase this sense of excitement and learning and I still learn something everytime I read a cookbook.

I wanted to make my cookbooks something special that can make cooking fast, healthy and fun. All my cookbook recipes are in easy to follow, numbered steps. This combined with healthy fresh produce will have everyone, from experienced cooks to those learning for the first time, creating delicious dishes every day of the week.

About Me

Cooking is something that I have always loved and enjoyed, whether I was cooking for fun, discovering and creating new recipes, or in a more formal environment, such as hosting a dinner party. Food has helped me express myself in many different ways.

I am a home taught cook who believes in using fresh produce and quality ingredients, to create amazing recipes, foods & gourmet products.

My philosophy is food and cooking should be fun but, never a chore!